Spaces that intrigue me are generally well-organized, simple, and minimal with thoughtful detail. I am drawn to spaces that reference ideas or stories and have an impact on their viewers.

I like spaces that can draw on the morals of their users and somehow show their personality through materiality and form. Unique details that help dictate ideas are intriguing as well. One of my favorite quotes is by Juhani Pallasmaa that goes “Architecture is about the understanding of the world and turning it into a more meaningful and humane place.” Space that is able to convey an answer to a problem speaks to me is. 

How do you experience these spaces?

The spaces that intrigue me are generally all consuming. I feel like I am a part of the space and that my presence is not separate from it. I start by trying to understand the building as a whole. Once that I feel I have an understanding of the space, I begin to take a closer look at the details that make up the space. I like to try to have an idea of what the designer was trying to convey before I begin to look at how elements come together.

Does your background inform how you see space?

I come from a diplomatic background where all aspects are taken into consideration. By trying to see from multiple perspectives, this informs my outlook in order to problem solve. My parents are both designers by trade and I have always had awareness for how I interact with my surroundings. Growing up I was allowed to manipulate my environment with endless possibilities of configurations. When I see a space I try to understand it as it is before visualizing other possibilities.

How do you situate your work in space?

Touching again on the understanding of multiple viewpoints, I think it is important to comprehend surrounding space when incorporating new work. It does not necessarily mean that new work can never detract or enhance existing space. It means that the work that is being added should understand what is needed in order to create the best results. By attempting to understand the space, one is able to situate and design in the most effective way possible.


What Speaks From My Work

What am I calling attention to?

My work is calling to attention the value of collaboration. All of my projects have touched on the concept of collaboration and working together. The last few projects have also touched on the topic of health. I find in all of my work a sense of trying to understand the human experience and how space can enhance that.

What energy/action does my creation feed?

I hope that my creations feed an energy of intrigue. I want my designs to spark questions and lead people down a new path. I think that success is if I am able to create spaces that question and transform people’s perspective. I also believe that polarizing things are successful; they spark conversation and bring forth ideas.

What reach will my creation have, and where am I directing that force?

Thinking forward to my capstone project, I would like my work to reach out to connect with the community that I am designing within. Whether this is health care, institution or culinary design, I would like to be able to contribute to an overall discussion. During the process of designing, I hope to make connections in order to involve myself within the industry.

What counts for connection?

Connection is important for creating progress. Whether this be through social media, writing or just having a conversation, uniting our ideas is so important. Connection is what ties us all together towards a greater whole.