The three main ideas that I proposed for my capstone project are; a food research foundation, a non profit foundation, and a farm to table restaurant + farm. 

In summary, a food research foundation uses cuisine as a medium for solving problems. A non profit foundation tries to tackle some of the world’s largest problems. A farm to table restaurant + farm reconnects the food on our plate to the source.

Although the topics vary, there¬†are definitely threads that tie all three ideas together. Some of the main idea’s are…

  • collaboration
  • knowledge sharing
  • food and its impact
  • connection with environment
  • social responsibility
  • networks
  • health and wellbeing

Below are bullet points of the feedback received after the presentation and questions to consider. These will be taken into account when making a final decision on which topic I will choose for my capstone project.

  • will there be a specific client?
  • how can this cultivate avenues of innovation within the food industry?
  • there is an overlap between topic…is there a way to merge all three?
  • how will this be a center of knowledge for food and food cultivation?
  • what topic best defines what I want to achieve?
  • how will I present such a broad topic?