Ferran Adria’s ElBulli Lab is a combination of a mad scientist’s lab, a grade school classroom and a theater. The Lab itself is overwhelming with a mix of 40 full time workers “decoding, researching and mapping”. Ferran Adria is the legendary modern chef who’s Michelin rated ElBulli restaurant changed the world of modern cuisine.

The chef is a combination of a scientist, teacher and philosopher who has taught two generations of world class chefs. When Ferran Adria shut his restaurant in 2011, he went on to partner with companies around the globe, including teaching at Harvard. His latest partnership is with the powerhouse Dom Perignon.

The ElBulli Lab is located in a sunny loft in the city of Barcelona. Students sit scattered around the space surrounded by books, diagrams and technology. The space has a more low key feel to it than one would expect.

At the core of this lab is the goal to ultimately change the world. The students tackle and dissect every topic thrown their way in an almost cult like process. The lab hopes to create a body of knowledge, in both print and digital form, that can be shared globally.

“Sapience is a methodology to understand things, and we work and apply it to different projects,” says Adrià.
The philosophy of ElBulli Lab is to change the way the world thinks. Ferran Adria says that we should change our mindset in order to broaden our perspective of the world. Although the lab’s main focus of research is directed at food, their philosophy extends itself into the every day.

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